Iranian eye clinic and laser center is one of the advanced eye care center that is designed for the latest eye care services and laser surgical treatments.

The advanced diagnostic equipment included;

  • Topography (Eyesys Topo) for corneal evaluation
  • Orbscan II (B&L Tomography)
  • Aberrometry (Zywave. B&L)
  • Lenstar 90 (for IOL power calculation)
  • OCT (Ziess); Retinal evaluation
  • Visual field (@Ziess)
  • Ultrasound A.Scan
  • High frequency ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM) for anterior segment evaluation
  • Specular Microscopy for corneal endothelial evaluations

LASER Surgery Theater room:

The Latest Laser Systems

  • TENEO 317p Excimer Laser (Bausch & Lomb)
  • Femtosecond Laser Z6 (Ziemer)
  • Avedro KXLI for Corneal Cross Linking(CXL)

The services that has provided in clinic included:

  • Consultation in different field: Retina, Pediatrics, Plastics, Glaucoma, and Cornea and refractive surgeries, Optometry and Contact Lens
  • Advanced refractive surgeries
  • Customized wave front guided laser surgery
    • PRK
    • LASEK
    • Femto LASIK
  • PTK
  • Femto-assisted intra corneal ring segment implantation (ICRS) Intacs SK and keraring
  • Presbyopia correction
    • KAMRA Inlay
    • Supracor
  • Corneal Cross Linking KXLI
  • Femto assisted arcuate keratotomy (FAAK)
  • Femto assisted anterior keratoplasty (F-ALK)
  • Femto assisted kerato pigmentation (FA-KPT)
  • Combined PRK+ Cross Linking for early KCN subjects.


Seyed Javad Hashemian MD

Cornea, Cataract and Refractive surgery fellowship

Director of Iranian Eye Clinic and Laser Center.